*Pack ur bags and get ready for the batch trip!! :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy 2nd Year!!!

Happy 2nd Year!!!
Any Comments ...

Next Batch Trip...

Hi People,

It is being nearly 3 1/2 years for our batch!!!
It is the time for a long batch outing...
Hope every one is alerted about it.
Hope to hear ya comments before n after the trip as well :)

Planned date : 19 th of July - 20 th of July 2008
Location : Nuwaraeliya

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nutz, do forum.!

Hi Buddies,

Since our blog getting improved day by day, I hope that it's the time to start a forum to hanging around..! ;)

You can visit our batch forum using :

You must be a registered member to post/reply new topics, so please be kind enough to create an account.

Feel free to post anything on the forum, but always be on the topic.

Thanks + Cheers!
- Lala.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We have to get together guys

hi gals and boys,
What’s going on....? I hope u guys already know what happened yesterday. I don’t know what you guys know about it but simply we missed an opportunity we should not miss. there was a discussion where lecturers of second year came to describe the cope of the subject, and how we should select our subjects etc…
I guess you guys know from second year onwards our marks are counted for the FINAL CLASS!

Ok guys we got a scholarship and now it is a year passed with all the difficulties. I guess its high time get together…. I guess you know why I tell like this.
First we had an issue on taking Friday lectures… It’s not the only issue we had!

And last thing we faced was yesterdays issue…!!

Come on guys we cant keep our hands wiped and ask our batch reps to do all for us!!!!!.
Are we going to act like deaf, blind and dumb on all the things? First of all we should be a Batch! I guess you guys understand what I say… we are a batch, a team! A team has a power which an individual doesn’t have! And just because we have 2 persons to represent us, it’s not their responsibility to talk to every single issue which occurs!

If we don’t voice up our concerns who will??? Come on guys we should be in one opinion!! I am sad to say I don’t see it in our batch sometimes…Will u guys agree with me?
Yea when an issue arises only few talks! Others keep quiet!!

Yea I won’t ask you to go and fight with the management but if we tell something all should be in one opinion NOT LET THE BATCH REPS DO IT!!!!!!

We should know the meaning of a batch!! It’s a team, we should work as a batch my friends!

I guess since we guys are new,some people are trying to dominate us… are we going to let it happen? Yes we are new to jobs most of us are school leavers and I know no one like to lose this opportunity you got. But if you want to have it you have to be strong!! And think as a batch not INDIVIDUALS!
Please let’s get together and make a united batch which can voice up our needs.

We have to get together guys!! We should be in one opinion else we are no where!!!
Please think today…. Because tomorrow can be too late!! Prevention is better than cure!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Avurudu @ Informatics :-)

Special Moments ...

Sack ... sack


Nice smile.. :P

Water ... he he

Deepan oka ikmanata...

Budu Ammmooooo !!!

Easter Eggs...

We had fun :-) ...

See more..

[ *Please note that above snaps are from : Nevi & Me. If there are any photos that should be removed from this post please let me know. :-) ]

Cheers !
- Lala.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

Yes... Its the Day!!
the unforgettable day... all of us met at IIT a year back.... the first day at IIT...
how can anyone forget all the good and bad times we had? yea a year full of happenings.. we had fun times as well as most tiresome times together...
going back to the past year... so many new experiences to our lives.. the way we studied first 6 months hmmm.... lectures ,assignments, course work... and then the work life... office then lectures.. (meetings with HR ;-)) our first batch trip.... cricket matches... sports meet.. etc etc...

So my dear friends... a lot to come so little done ...The Achievers.,IIT Nutz-2006.Lets show the team power...One team,One Vision!

Happy Anniversary my dear Friends...